10 Best Productivity Chrome Extensions πŸ“Œ you must have on your machine πŸ˜„πŸ–₯πŸ”Œ

In this digital world, focusing on our work without getting distracted has become difficult. Here are some productivity tools that would help you out.

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"The most efficient people aren't necessarily brilliant – they've just found strategies to beat procrastination."

We always want to be productive and efficient in our work whether it be programming or day-to-day tasks but this world is full of technology and it is very much possible that we may get distracted due to it. It’s tempting to look at highly productive people as machines but by studying how they work efficiently and overcome the challenges, it’s possible to boost our own productivity as well. So, to stay consistent and spend time efficiently, I have listed down some productivity chrome extensions that you must have on your machine.

10 Best Productivity Chrome Extensions

1. GoFullPage πŸ“ƒ

GoFullPage as the name tells is one of the best screenshot-taking tools on the internet. It takes a screenshot of an entire webpage within seconds and is very simple. It scrolls down the entire webpage from start to the end itself and stitches screenshots automatically giving you an option to download it as an image πŸ“· or in the form of a pdf πŸ“„. This great tool can save a lot of time ⏳ as it requires just a click instead of manually taking screenshots and scrolling the webpage again and again. Yes, this extension is free.😊


2. Noisli 🎧

Noisli is one of my favorites extensions out there. With the increasing noise pollution around us, it's difficult to focus on our work but this extension helps us out in focusing. What better it could be than listening to the voices of nature 🌳 sitting on our chair at home instead of noisy horns that distract us. So, just grab your headphones and enter the world of nature 🌲 and enjoy your work in a good mood and productiveness πŸ˜ƒ. It's free for the basic version but some features require a subscription.


3. OneTab πŸ—ƒ

A lot of people like me open a ton of websites on Chrome and in the end get frustrated due to Chrome eating up all of our memory πŸ˜‚ but you don't need to worry about it now. OneTab is a great extension that you must have on your machine to save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter. I have been using it for more than a year now and it has helped me a lot. Click on the icon directly if you want to add all tabs to OneTab or right-click and add specific tabs according to your needs. You can even share the list by creating a link that you can simply open on any browser without any sign-in. It's simple and free to use. πŸ˜„


4. Weava Highlighter πŸ–Œ

Weava Highlighter is an awesome extension that allows you to highlight text from all over the internet and store it in one place. The great part about it is you can even highlight PDFs when you open it on the chrome browser. This extension will simplify your research process. We can focus on productivity and won't waste time on keeping track of sources, copying & pasting, or making citations. This amazing tool is free and easy to use.


5. EyeCare πŸ‘

Probably your eyes may have got strained after reading this blog πŸ™„. Most of us spend an average of 4-8 hours in front of screens but do we care about our eyes? This simple extension can help reduce your eye strain πŸ‘€ and will relax your eyes from long exposure to bright screens by reminding you to close 😌 your eyes for a moment and recommending simple eye exercise πŸ’ͺ. This extension pops up a page and a notification that you can customize for any interval of time which will help to ease this strain and to protect your vision and will help in keeping your eyes healthy 😎 for a long period of time. I recommend all of you install this extension.


6. Raindrop β˜”

Raindrop is an amazing extension that categorizes your bookmarks into articles, video, audio, documents, etc. You can even add your own tags 🏷 or create folders πŸ“ and categories your bookmarks πŸ“‘ accordingly. If you want you can even import your existing bookmarks from your browser and segregate them accordingly. You can even share a list of bookmarks to another person by a webpage link that they can access without signing up. It's almost Free as it has a lot of features in the freemium version whereas you can even sign up for the pro plan with more features. πŸ˜€

raindrop.io_ (1).png

7. Instant Dictionary πŸ“•

Instant Dictionary as the name suggests instantly finds word πŸ†Ž definitions with just a click πŸ‘†. You just need to add this extension to your browser and select triggers and done! Next time whenever you come across a difficult word, you just need to select or press a key as per your trigger to pop up the meaning of that word. You can even store the words that you looked up and can even download your history⏳. This extension is going to save a lot of time for you. It is super easy to use, and totally free! πŸŽ‰


8. Grammarly πŸ€”

Grammarly is one of my favorite extensions that take care of all my grammar. Being excellent in grammar is tough for many of us but this AI-powered ✨ writing assistant makes our work easy. Grammarly highlights those words and phrases to eliminate errors ❌ and find the perfect words to express yourself 🀩. You can even set a mood you want the tone and formality of the text and it also shows how the text may sound to the readers. Overall this extension is going to help you a lot and make you more productive. Its free version has a lot of features but you can even get a premium subscription for advanced features. 😊


9. MS Office πŸ’Ό

What if I say you can use MS Office without installing its software on your machine? Many of us who use MS office in our day-to-day tasks βœ… may have got frustrated in changing windows from browser to MS Office again and again. For it the MS office extension takes care of that. With one click πŸ‘† open any MS office product as a webpage 🌐 and work on it on your browser itself. The documents that you edit or create on your browser get directly stored in your machine. Hassle-free working, easy, and totally free extension. πŸ˜„ Note: You must have an MS office subscription.

MS office.jpg

10. Screencastify πŸŽ₯

Screencastify is an awesome, easy, and free screen recorder ⏺ that records your screen. You can record your webcam, browser tabs, and even desktop both online and even when you are offline. After recording, you can edit your recording online and export it in FULL HD and even in GIF format. It also has an option to directly save your recording to Google Drive πŸ“ and yes it doesn't have any watermark πŸ…°. You can use it freely but it limits its recording time to five minutes. You can use this extension for creating short videos and GIFs for your project and can use the shareable link πŸ”— anywhere you want.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-06 at 9.12.42 PM.jpeg

Bonus Extensions

β€’ Daily Dev 🀩

Awesome trending programming news and blogs on your new tab daily

β€’ Unlimited Email Tracker πŸ“§

Notifies you whenever someone opens your email

β€’ Notion Web Clipper πŸ“Œ

A web clipper for Notion if you are using Notion

Wrapping up!

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of Chrome extensions for increasing your productivity. Small and little adjustments can lead to more lasting changes, but those may take time and discipline. It looks as easy as it is when you’re reading a productivity blog like this but it takes time to adjust. Even the most productive people are humans. Increasing productivity is difficult yet it's an achievable goal. So, with these extensions, you can increase your efficiency and be productive. Stay productive! πŸ’ͺ Stay Focused! 🀟

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." -Napoleon Hill

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Comment down your favorite extension from this list or suggest a cool extension that you would like to share with the community! 😊

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Wow! This is a whole new level of productivity apps Yash Waghmare. I particularly love Nosil. I can't wait to try it out. 😊

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Thank you! 😊